2013 – Round 3 – Fueling Drama

Round 3 was our first time on the east track this season, and i struggled quite a bit. I was unable to make it to friday practice, and club issues took up much of my saturday morning. Saturday afternoon i got some practice in to remember which way the east course went. My coach instructed me to work on exits, specifically to try and get the throttle open all the way once pointed. The data from the previous round had shown that i was getting to 2/3 throttle and stopping for quite a while, and that there was time to be had there.

I struggled with this for most of sunday practice. It seemed that when i dropped my head and opened the throttle the result was unpredictable. At the end of the day i finally identified that there was a problem with the fuel map when making large throttle position changes. Without access to a dyno i had no real way to fix it, so i had to fight through it on sunday.

My results on sunday were sub-optimal. I couldn’t seem to drive out of corners and my closest competitors seemed to excel at corner entry on the east course. As a result i was losing time on them in both positions. I finished behind Mike and Nick in both of my races, but found a little time in race two.

For round 4 i hope to have the fueling sorted out so i can find a bit more time from entry and exit.