2014 Season Recap

The last round of the Utah SportBike Association 2014 season was a hard one, but a good one. Former teammate Warren came out of retirement to do some sprint racing, supported by Scott from Chicane Coaching. Practice on friday helped to identify some setup issues since we hadn’t raced the MMP East course basically all season. Luckily we got the bike set up well, as saturday offered nothing but rain.

Saturday offered no opprotunities for practice, but instead let us focus a bit on bike setup and adjustments. Warren went out for Deseret Dash and put it on the podium, even after his long time off.

Sunday I went out for Formula 5 and ended up in a tie for 3rd place with James Peterec. Unfortunately, James won that race, meaning he beat me in the tie. 4th overall for the season, always a bridesmaid in F5.

King of the Mountain GTU was a wonderful way to wrap up the season. I had a hard fought battle with Mango on his r6 but was unable to get ahead of him at the line. My placing there puts me 6th overall for the season, so i will be running the red #6 plate for 2015 and hoping for a top 3 finish for next season!

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their continued support over the years. Without you I could not continue to compete at this level. So no matter how big or small your contribution, thank you!

2015 training starts today!