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2013 – Round 1


Round 1 is in the bag, and I am off to a great start! After making a lot of changes to the bike I have a great platform to race on this season. There were a few key components that made the biggest differences:

    1. STM Suspension – Dave from STM built me all new Ohlins cartridges and a Penske triple clicker rear shock, and showed up for the first weekend to tune them and deal with geometry.  The bike feels better than it ever has and gets better the faster I go.
    2. Chicane Coaching – Scott from Chicane has been working with me since the end of last season and was in Utah to tune the rider’s brain, break some bad habits and build some better ones. I found several seconds on corner entry alone, and again feel better the faster I go.
    3. Apex Manufacturing – The boys at Apex are making adjustments to OEM Triumph triple clamps to remove offset and increase trail. Combined with the changes to the suspension, the front end was rock solid everywhere.
    4. Galfer Brakes – with an Accossato master cylinder and some 1375 pads my brakes had all the grip and feel i needed to go blasting past my braking markers, grabbing another gear before going to the brakes!

The results of this weekend are a great bike to race this season, confidence that there is more speed to be had out of both the bike and myself, and a new personal best on the West course of 1:43.6. Going faster, being more comfortable and having more confidence on a fairly cold and rainy weekend means the best is yet to come!