Wright’s Motorcycle Parts is the #1 supporter of my race program. They have been going above and beyond with work on the bike, parts and service. I couldn’t be doing this without them.

GalferUSA brakes are the best I have ridden by far. Their 1375 “white” pad is my weapon of choice on the 675. Not over the top initial bite, just good progressive feel with plenty of stopping power.

WoodCraft has been supporting me since the beginning of my first novice season. They make amazing hard parts and are always great to speak with for orders or support. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Same great staff as Woodcraft, and some of the best plastics on the market. Fit and finish is top notch. Just drill the dimples for holes and send off to paint!

Wonderful exhausts and now expanding with SpeedMob to helmets and hard parts. They make the 675 roar.

Frank at Suomy is great and the helmets are beautifully colored. Great fit and finish.

My source for suspension tools, shims, oil, etc.

The best action sports cam on the market. period.

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